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Shame and security

This fragile,

delicate life

is nowhere in sight

to the arm wrestlers’

twist of fate,

coupled with

the delinquents

noose of praise.


I raise my hand

in front of the class

waiting to be called on

for goodness sake…

to have an answer

when so many

elude me

is a relief,

if not a blessed thing.


Cramped in my womb

tossed about

by shame

I wish for shallow waters

but I find

that I can’t swim

so easily there.


Fragrant meadows

dodge me

as I wander about

in hopes

for security

to take hold of my hand

and lead me to a home

that I will never have to leave.


Eric Grace




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Living in this world

and unfolding in new ways

brings the current

up against my face

when I see

what I’ve  come to distaste

in the wrinkled skin face

of another

judging me from within

I cannot declare

what I have found

to be everywhere

but in this little speck

of my world

I see it black and white

Your decision to cast

a vote

that lies

and lingers past

the ugly places

of our unfamiliarity

What comes about

when I speak the

vulnerable route

is that love

seems indifferent

or incoherent

to but a select few

Love does not care for

your petty thoughts

nor does it seek

to take us on


away from the heart

but yearns to bring us home

to ourselves

amidst a world

that has no idea

what that is.

Eric Grace

June 14th 2010

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