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Taking what the earlier post from Andrew Harvey’s video’s series was asking… what is your heartbreak? What is it that at 3am you feel heartache about? Follow that. Serve that with your passion and love.

For me, its:

1. My Family… showing myself that family can be full of love, connection, enjoyment, and joy (with my wife Hannah and son Savar).

Us:Hannah and Eric Grace rewed and loving it.

Our growing Son Savar

Our growing Son Savar

2. My Music… tuning into the Divine within me… listening and being played like a flute… or rather a guitar in my case. Riding the wave of the music. Ohh what a joy that is… I feel well used afterwards.

3. Adorata – Deepening in my experience of the Divine as well as healing my inner male and female psyche aspects and bringing this work to others, feeling that the deep seated problems in our world/society stem from this lack of connection the embodied divine and collaborative relationship of the inner male and inner female within.

4. Serving  The Ikombe Project. I have felt since a child a yearning to connect deeply with an africa family or village as it were. This landed in my lap and I feel moved to serve the village of Ikombe, building a fund drive for food distribution to alleviate their famine.


When Hannah and I watched Brother Sun, Sister Moon the other night this part stuck with me…


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