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Broken Light

I lied.

I cheated.

I borrowed.

I stole.

I was perverse

in thought and action.

I fucked.


I ran naked through

the woods


Jehovah’s name.


I lost myself in

so many thoughts,

people, and delusions

of grandeur.


And now I’m here.


I have no dreams left.

I have cracked open

to my brokenness,

living in my core.

That place that is unredeemable


in the living it as such.


In being what I am

freshness cleanses

the wound

so that its revealed to be

my destiny,

giving birth

to this broken light.


I stumble down

these halls

banging against

my self-inflicted walls

pretending I’m great

or straight or narrow

when I’m not.


I’m nothing of the sort.

I’m wicked game.

A fuselage

ready to explode

rocketing into orbit

around the sun.

and it takes just one moment to

bring me there,


That place between

you and I

that hurts,

that groans,

that’s murky

and disgusting.


none of it is far from here,

if you but scratch the surface

of this moment.

That is my gift.


Eric Grace ©


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When Freedom Rings

First, there was the Sound

that odd and then magnificent sound

the creaking door

edging its way

to a new position.


Then, there was the Light

blinding at first

from its newness

to the eyes of your heart

and then it became

so comforting

as it soothed

the eons

of despair

that had been its

ineffective replacement

or better said

its poor substitute.


This Light then found its way

down into the depths

of the dungeon

that you kept yourself in

where you had huddled in

and upon the beliefs,

the fears,

and the challenges

that broke your spirit

and hurt your soul

but this was your food.


Now as that thick door

finds its way to a new stance in your life

you come to know

that Grace

welcomes you

to your joy,

to your divine pleasure,

and to your calling to live

this moment

as your center.


And to give it freely

to those you love

and those that you have yet to love.


Celebration bells are ringing

as you come home to yourself

and to the Other

that is all around you.

You are free.


Eric Grace

9-20-2011 ©

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As I feel

into my body

Desire blooms

for her

to be

beside me

and for Her/She

to live through me.

Waves of fear

and torment

show themselves

as the last vestiges

of the wraps

that I placed

upon myself


my desire for union

in all, with all form.


As I drip

and drop deeper

into my body

of Desire

i hear her call,

the call of living

and singing

the Mystery of my life.


copyright Eric Grace 2010

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The Delicate Dance of Perfection

Jellyfish presence

spirit hands putting up

safe wallpaper


only the goodwill in

while swaying

in a sea of God

Sea anemone swirl

vulnerable twirl

beginning of a new sexual day

heart flow valve on

letting the sun currents

and vibrations

give themselves

into and through me

such yummy vibrations


from this Heart fire

Surprising Sacred delights

Luminous golden angelic presence


the sacred O


giving voice to the Angel world

into now

Channeling it into

this realm,

I give it space to be.

My body becomes

the vehicle

of the expression

of wonder

and the sacred stuff

we are all made of.

so much is here

not to be taken

for granted.

So much palpable

presence of God

that’s leaking into

my experience

and perhaps

all of ours

Now is the time

to give Grace

its rightful place

in our lives.

The purple sun


my creator

the mother

and the father

as one

It gives me It’s blessing

and undulates

waves of Grace.

It is a good beginning

for this day.

Eric Grace


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