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when your skillet’s gone dry


no computation

of the ways…

that go before

those sacred vows

that have been broken

between you and me

so discreetly

in the silent spaces

of our words and time

where all else was lost,

and you were

meant to be mine!


I wished you could be

and that you made it right


after the soft breezes

of caresses and breasts

that found their honey

suckle sweets…

flowing milk rivers of plenty


I came across

this flesh

the other day,

and it had your

name written

all over it.

wrestled from the hands

of times secret


in the back of my mind,

deep in the bowels of this earthen landscape

grasping for the sake

of a new experience

to be had

in the soul of a life

born free,

free of crime and grime

without days filled

with dread, shit, and shame

around what could just have been

a tender touch

from a loved one.


Eric Grace

7-28-11 ©


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Living in this world

and unfolding in new ways

brings the current

up against my face

when I see

what I’ve  come to distaste

in the wrinkled skin face

of another

judging me from within

I cannot declare

what I have found

to be everywhere

but in this little speck

of my world

I see it black and white

Your decision to cast

a vote

that lies

and lingers past

the ugly places

of our unfamiliarity

What comes about

when I speak the

vulnerable route

is that love

seems indifferent

or incoherent

to but a select few

Love does not care for

your petty thoughts

nor does it seek

to take us on


away from the heart

but yearns to bring us home

to ourselves

amidst a world

that has no idea

what that is.

Eric Grace

June 14th 2010

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A fools remorse into love

Let me love

the pain away

like swaddled blankets

give comfort

to the naked child

of our pasts

Let me love

the pain away

so as the secrets

come to light,

the restlessness

in keeping them,

gives way

to peaceful serenity.

Let me love

the pain away

not to take away

something from you

because you can’t handle it

but because

you deserve to know

that I love you

(as you are in it)

Let me love

the pain away

that I caused you

from my brash

words and actions

insensitive to your worth

in those moments

to be seen and felt

in your

sacred need.

Let me love

the pain away

so that freshness

that comes

after deep tears

can be looked through

like a clean windshield

after a gentle rain

with new vistas

being traveled towards


Let me love

the pain away

so that you speak

with more certainty

that I hold you

in my heart

trusting that you

are my beloved

the one I hold

most dear,


as the light

that caresses

every thing

in its path

during that special

hour of sundown.

Let me love

the pain away

so that

Christmas comes

in your heart again

happily receiving the presents

that we get each day

in loving

and living together.

Eric Grace


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