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Shame and security

This fragile,

delicate life

is nowhere in sight

to the arm wrestlers’

twist of fate,

coupled with

the delinquents

noose of praise.


I raise my hand

in front of the class

waiting to be called on

for goodness sake…

to have an answer

when so many

elude me

is a relief,

if not a blessed thing.


Cramped in my womb

tossed about

by shame

I wish for shallow waters

but I find

that I can’t swim

so easily there.


Fragrant meadows

dodge me

as I wander about

in hopes

for security

to take hold of my hand

and lead me to a home

that I will never have to leave.


Eric Grace




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and living

these broken lives,


and saviors

fade into the


while the apparent

need to find perfection

subsides in the wake

of discovering

how we need

one another,

that in discovering

each other

we find the wholeness

of our humanity

and the rebirth

of our kindness

to the world

in all its wretched  humility


in this still place

I breathe


within me

I hear

the creek

flowing outside

and the harmony

of nature

and That which it abides


You and I

are a new story

in an old fabric

or tapestry

that grows denser

and more liquid

with time and age

but still remains

the same cloth

that our parents

and theirs’ used

to wipe their face upon

when the feast

of their lives

was finished.


Come to me

so that we can

make bread

for this day

and celebrate

the feast

that is ours

for the tasting.


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