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Broken Light

I lied.

I cheated.

I borrowed.

I stole.

I was perverse

in thought and action.

I fucked.


I ran naked through

the woods


Jehovah’s name.


I lost myself in

so many thoughts,

people, and delusions

of grandeur.


And now I’m here.


I have no dreams left.

I have cracked open

to my brokenness,

living in my core.

That place that is unredeemable


in the living it as such.


In being what I am

freshness cleanses

the wound

so that its revealed to be

my destiny,

giving birth

to this broken light.


I stumble down

these halls

banging against

my self-inflicted walls

pretending I’m great

or straight or narrow

when I’m not.


I’m nothing of the sort.

I’m wicked game.

A fuselage

ready to explode

rocketing into orbit

around the sun.

and it takes just one moment to

bring me there,


That place between

you and I

that hurts,

that groans,

that’s murky

and disgusting.


none of it is far from here,

if you but scratch the surface

of this moment.

That is my gift.


Eric Grace ©


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When Freedom Rings

First, there was the Sound

that odd and then magnificent sound

the creaking door

edging its way

to a new position.


Then, there was the Light

blinding at first

from its newness

to the eyes of your heart

and then it became

so comforting

as it soothed

the eons

of despair

that had been its

ineffective replacement

or better said

its poor substitute.


This Light then found its way

down into the depths

of the dungeon

that you kept yourself in

where you had huddled in

and upon the beliefs,

the fears,

and the challenges

that broke your spirit

and hurt your soul

but this was your food.


Now as that thick door

finds its way to a new stance in your life

you come to know

that Grace

welcomes you

to your joy,

to your divine pleasure,

and to your calling to live

this moment

as your center.


And to give it freely

to those you love

and those that you have yet to love.


Celebration bells are ringing

as you come home to yourself

and to the Other

that is all around you.

You are free.


Eric Grace

9-20-2011 ©

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when your skillet’s gone dry


no computation

of the ways…

that go before

those sacred vows

that have been broken

between you and me

so discreetly

in the silent spaces

of our words and time

where all else was lost,

and you were

meant to be mine!


I wished you could be

and that you made it right


after the soft breezes

of caresses and breasts

that found their honey

suckle sweets…

flowing milk rivers of plenty


I came across

this flesh

the other day,

and it had your

name written

all over it.

wrestled from the hands

of times secret


in the back of my mind,

deep in the bowels of this earthen landscape

grasping for the sake

of a new experience

to be had

in the soul of a life

born free,

free of crime and grime

without days filled

with dread, shit, and shame

around what could just have been

a tender touch

from a loved one.


Eric Grace

7-28-11 ©

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A fools remorse into love

Let me love

the pain away

like swaddled blankets

give comfort

to the naked child

of our pasts

Let me love

the pain away

so as the secrets

come to light,

the restlessness

in keeping them,

gives way

to peaceful serenity.

Let me love

the pain away

not to take away

something from you

because you can’t handle it

but because

you deserve to know

that I love you

(as you are in it)

Let me love

the pain away

that I caused you

from my brash

words and actions

insensitive to your worth

in those moments

to be seen and felt

in your

sacred need.

Let me love

the pain away

so that freshness

that comes

after deep tears

can be looked through

like a clean windshield

after a gentle rain

with new vistas

being traveled towards


Let me love

the pain away

so that you speak

with more certainty

that I hold you

in my heart

trusting that you

are my beloved

the one I hold

most dear,


as the light

that caresses

every thing

in its path

during that special

hour of sundown.

Let me love

the pain away

so that

Christmas comes

in your heart again

happily receiving the presents

that we get each day

in loving

and living together.

Eric Grace


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No more rivals for my moments

I used to judge

how much I needed,

time,  space,  love

care, or confessions.

Now I relish in each

feeling myself

as a cat naps

so in it.

Or as a baby

recieves attention

lapping it up

happily so.

My moments are

just that, mine.

It is my life

and I choose

how these days

are filled.

The barring voices

recede into the

backgrounds of

lazy pasts and

critical daylight hours.

I embrace this,

my nurturing

of what is sacred

and dear to me.

It is where I

find the home

of my soul.

And where I find

the spring that feeds

the rest of my life.

giving it meaning

and richness,

and spoiling my heart

with goodness

never hurt anyone

that I know of.

Eric Grace

June 6th  2010

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A few days ago I was feeling some grief around the changes in my life with my living situation, my family, my wife, and a poem sprung forth. Reading it tonight with a group of friends from the Waking Down group I attend nudged me to post it as it still seemed valuable as a poem… and pleasurable to read. So here it goes:

It’s simple now

to tell how caught up

I’ve been

in the delusions of Grandeur

Han Solo Style.

So much so

that I’ve imprisoned myself

in the image I fashioned

to keep.

My loved ones see me now


waiting for them to leave

the room, of our hearts

contentedness and familiarity.

My arrogance has been squashed

like a grape.

Maybe sweet wine

can come from

the comforts of a fresh life.

Maybe not.

I’ve wrestled my demons

and not always won

and the costs of those battles

show on the scars of my wedding ring

and my son’s face.

Reckless I’ve been to the face of love

in my need for power

beauty and sex.

Cold Turkeys they seem

now except for Beauty’s

soft touch beckening me

home to the gentle me

I dreamed years ago that I

could breathe.

In the springtime now

I grieve.

Goodbye’s and unfamiliar terrain

glisten on my heartbeats

waiting for deaf ears

to take hold of new sounds.

I’ve forgotten how lonely it can be

living alone

when the island life is no longer

a long sought after vacation

but the hard cold truth of my

chosen existence.

Warm comforts

will definitely

come in now and again

as I wean and wear off the glaze

of this years trauma’s

and the softest kisses of Her.


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If you want to change the world… love a woman-really love her.
Find the one who calls to your soul, who doesn’t make sense.
Throw away your check list and put your ear to her heart and listen.
Hear the names, the prayers, the songs of every living thing……

every winged one, every furry and scaled one,
every underground and underwater one, every green and flowering one,
every not yet born and dying one…
Hear their melancholy praises back to the One who gave them life.
If you haven’t heard your own name yet, you haven’t listened long enough.
If your eyes aren’t filled with tears, if you aren’t bowing at her feet,
you haven’t ever grieved having almost lost her.

If you want to change the world… love a woman-one woman
beyond yourself, beyond desire and reason,
beyond your male preferences for youth, beauty and variety
and all your superficial concepts of freedom.
We have given ourselves so many choices
we have forgotten that true liberation
comes from standing in the middle of the soul’s fire
and burning through our resistance to Love.
There is only one Goddess.
Look into Her eyes and see-really see
if she is the one to bring the axe to your head.
If not, walk away. Right now.
Don’t waste time “trying.”
Know that your decision has nothing to do with her
because ultimately it’s not with who,
but when we choose to surrender.

If you want to change the world… love a woman.
Love her for life-beyond your fear of death,
beyond your fear of being manipulated
by the Mother inside your head.
Don’t tell her you’re willing to die for her.
Say you’re willing to LIVE with her,
plant trees with her and watch them grow.
Be her hero by telling her how beautiful she is in her vulnerable majesty,
by helping her to remember every day that she IS Goddess
through your adoration and devotion.

If you want to change the world… love a woman
in all her faces, through all her seasons
and she will heal you of your schizophrenia-
your double-mindedness and half-heartedness
which keeps your Spirit and body separate-
which keeps you alone and always looking outside your Self
for something to make your life worth living.
There will always be another woman.
Soon the new shiny one will become the old dull one
and you’ll grow restless again, trading in women like cars,
trading in the Goddess for the latest object of your desire.
Man doesn’t need any more choices.
What man needs is Woman, the Way of the Feminine,
of Patience and Compassion, non-seeking, non-doing,
of breathing in one place and sinking deep intertwining roots
strong enough to hold the Earth together
while she shakes off the cement and steel from her skin.

If you want to change the world… love a woman, just one woman .
Love and protect her as if she is the last holy vessel.
Love her through her fear of abandonment
which she has been holding for all of humanity.
No, the wound is not hers to heal alone.
No, she is not weak in her codependence.

If you want to change the world… love a woman
all the way through
until she believes you,
until her instincts, her visions, her voice, her art, her passion,
her wildness have returned to her-
until she is a force of love more powerful
than all the political media demons who seek to devalue and destroy her.

If you want to change the world,
lay down your causes, your guns and protest signs.
Lay down your inner war, your righteous anger
and love a woman…
beyond all of your striving for greatness,
beyond your tenacious quest for enlightenment.
The holy grail stands before you
if you would only take her in your arms
and let go of searching for something beyond this intimacy.

What if peace is a dream which can only be re-membered
through the heart of Woman?
What if a man’s love for Woman, the Way of the Feminine
is the key to opening Her heart?

If you want to change the world…love a woman
to the depths of your shadow,
to the highest reaches of your Being,
back to the Garden where you first met her,
to the gateway of the rainbow realm
where you walk through together as Light as One,
to the point of no return,
to the ends and the beginning of a new Earth.

Unsure of Author at this point…

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