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From where she stands

I must look like

a man

that has yet to bellow

his deep call

of yearning for the Sacred.

from where she stands

I must seem

like a man

that has not fully

anted up.

When she looks down on me

from the great sky

where she breaths

or when she pears out

through my chest

into this naked world

from my frigid flesh

I believe

she knows that

I haven’t come

into my full


palace yet.

she knows

that I am humbled

before eternity

with the crest

of deliverance

of the sacred cow


to give its final moo.

I know she thinks well of me.

If she thinks at all.

But I wonder,

Is she having her way with me yet?

Is she taking me

into the full swing

of her hips?

Is she guarding me

from the power that she carrys

until I give my full



into her gates?

I wonder.


Copyright by eric grace

March 2nd 2011


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