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1.Holosync is a comprehensive program, now used by hundreds of thousands of people in over 172 countries, centered around a remarkable audio technology.Holosync’s program will accelerate your mental, emotional, and spiritual growth in ways that will absolutely amaze you. You will find it:

  • Creates states of deep meditation and gives you the benefits of long-term, deep meditation, but much more quickly.
  • Boosts intelligence and creativity
  • Dramatically lowers stress, raises your threshold for what you can handle coming at you from the world.
  • Creates new levels of self-awareness
    and inner peace.

Holosync heals unresolved emotional issues at the deepest level, including anxiety, depression, anger, substance-abuse, fear and many other dysfunctional feelings.

And they will send you a free first cd to try it out. That’s right, free.

2. Learn to Enloven Yourself with The Adorata Teachings which help you heal emotional and psychological blocks and crystalizations in your psyche so you can recieve, sustain, and give love in greater and greater degrees within yourself and with others at www.adorata.org and http://www.adorata.org/gallery/slideshow2.htm.

3. Heal with Herbs and Clay at Heart Balance Herbal Rejuvenation at www.Pyroclay.com and they have free conference calls to teach you how to use these amazing natural gifts and a free newsletter here. If you order any products, please tell them I referred you as I then get credit with which I get to buy more of their products with. I also have found great success with Dr. Schulze’s amazingly potent herbal formula’s and cleanse’s at www.dr-schulze.com.

4. The experience of wellbeing begins with what you eat, drink, and how you sleep and exercise and how well you connect with your natural living environment.  Renew your Diet with  Elements for Life or David Wolfe at www.TheBestDayEver.com, 21 Days to Health, and see other Nutrition, Health, and Live Food folks www.rawfamily.com or learn about the Green Smoothie Revolution, or how to reverse diabetes at www.rawfor30days.comwww.renegadehealth.blog, and Live Awesome. Read Alive and Well by Peter Ragnar.

5. Develop your Strength and Endurance while training with Pavel Tsuoline, The Five Tibetan Rites, and by using the yogaswing.

6. Get Ecstatic with Ecstatic Dance.

7. Get out into the Wild and Sacred Earth! Explore Anastasia, or Tom Brown Jr.’s books like The Journey. Or take a Harmony Hike and find wild edible foods.

8. Embrace Intimacy in your life: Transformation through Intimacy with Robert Augustus Masters ( he has a great free newsletter and now the new ebook on emotional literacy and online transformation center), The Passionate Marriage by David Schnarch, or Talk to Me like I’m Someone you Love by our friend Nancy Dreyfus.

9. Develop your Passion: Entrepenuership, Art, Poetry, Music, Dance, Etc.

10. Create more Community Connections: with Heart Circles at www.heartcircle.com and bookstore buy Heart Circles by Tej Steiner, www.webspiritcommunity.com, Waking Down in Mutuality (at www.wakingdown.org, www.tedstrauss.com and his video’s, www.sanielandlinda.com, or www.mutuality.net), passion circles, solari circles at www.solaricircle.com, read Martin Prechtel’s Long Life Honey in the Heart.

11. Listen to your Body: BodyTalk, Network Chiropractic or here, Chi Machine (buy it on ebay or craigslist for half the cost), BioMat.

12. Spend less time in front of your pc, tv and on your cellphone: Instead spend it in Nature, gardening (see Anastasia books), lovemaking, with friends, in stillness or solitude, walking, singing, dancing… and generally things that enliven you. See how much joy and love you can recieve and learn to take more and more in, up your limits over time with practice. And if you do watch films (which I personally love, check out The Spiritual Cinema Circle, Feast of Love).

13. Have more Sex with consciousness and love embodied practiceGrow back your foreskin, David Deida, www.comstockfilms.com, watch Joe Kramer and Annie Sprinkle’s Fire in the Valley and Fire on the Mountain, see my post or read Peace Between the Sheets, She Comes FirstMale Multiple Orgasms, and Satisfaction by Kim Cantrell and Mark Levinson.

14. Explore Pleasure: Find out where you feel it, how you feel it, where in your body you experience it, and what the difference between non-addictive pleasure that comes from your true passions and what comes from satiating a craving that comes from addiction patterns.

15. Reduce the stressors in your life: Sugar, Processed Foods, Get Rid of the need to buy Stuff, caffiene, junk food, cigarettes, most alcohol, EMF waves, sterile environments, abusive or stagnant relationships or situations.

16. Introduce the Green Smoothie into your diet and use a www.vitamix.com! We do :). When you go to the Vita-mix website use this code: 06-003184 and get free shipping and handling (a $25 value). You can by a less expensive reconditioned one, with the full 7 year warranty here.

17. Get good water! Sante Water, Kangen Water, www.pentawater.com, or Langenburg Oxygenated Water.

18. Learn More! Gaia University is a new learning system that allows people to create their own area’s of study that support the individual to learn at their pace and in the environments that work best for them. And best of all, you can get college and graduate degrees through its doors. You can read more about my favorite books and thoughts on education here.

Ted.com is full of inspiring videos’s on many subjects.

19. Get Green. Learning to live in a sustainable way creates a balance of integrity within yourself and your environment. See www.worldchanging.comwww.treehugger.com, andwww.grist.com, all of which have great free email newsletters.

I also use CA-40g. You can buy a Zennwww.theAircar.comAptera, or Flybo at www.spark-ev.com. Soon on the market will be the Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt.

20. Get informed socially with www.odemagazine.com, www.utne.com, www.wie.org, Immense Possibilities Radio, and www.thesunmagazine.org.

And here’s another extra just for a little extra savings on your everyday purchases:

21. My Power Mall: A free and easy way to save money, make money, and have fun doing it…
while helping others do the same, doing what you usually do: shop online!

Set up a free 15 minute personal consultation and
learn how you can thrive in your life, contact me or call 541-292-3895.

Go to GraceWorks at www.ericgrace.com to learn more about my support work with individuals.


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Life these days is rarely simple for most of us. I am a taurus and oh so into what is easy. So here’s my noble attempt to give you 10 things that can be little helpful additions (or big ones if you want them to be) to your life, bringing you more fulfillment and greater health.

1. Oral Hygiene – Use a Tongue cleaner, Viajet, Uncle Harry’s Mouthwash, Tooth Flosser, and a Myomunchee.

2. Service – yes, this is simple, but sometimes hard to find the one form of it that you most love and is right for you. Andrew Harvey said, ‘follow your heartbreak to find your true form of service’. Look where it is that you see in the world in need of help that breaks your heart. Go serve there. You will feel deeply satisfied doing it.

3. Diet – well not so simple. But what you can do that is simple is begin adding things that could grow in your backyard garden (or city window earthbox, or from your nearby farmers market). Some examples are fresh veggies, herbs, and vegetables. Get to know the local growing ‘weeds’ in your area that may actually be food that you can eat, as long as you know that it isn’t sprayed on with chemicals. In our area, miners lettuce abounds. So does mint and blackberries. We had plenty of kale, onions, beets, strawberries, tomatoes, and parsley this year from our garden, and the local farmers market across the street was wonderful. We also connected to Meadowlark CSA program . They brought us fresh farm veggies from their nearby farm each week.

Another simple addition is having a green smoothie in the morning. I made a post about it here with a video from the originators of the Green Smoothie.






4. Loofah – You skin is your biggest organ of your body. If you take the 3 minutes it takes to warm up your shower water to scrub your skin, it will breathe better, feel smoother, look more vibrant, and be relieved of the dead skin cells so it can function properly. And what does your skin do you may ask?



5. Trampoline (small and/or big version depending on the space you have and weather) – just go and ‘Jump’ (as the Van Halen song goes). It’ll be fun (my son and I do it often in the mornings) and it will get the circulation going as well as the endorphins.

6. Find your Nature/Sacred Spot (works for city and rural folks alike). I take a walk often to a few sacred spots that I have come to call my own. Places where I get renewed as I come to know their landscapes over time. They have been my friend of Nature. Places to be with as we both change. Being with the wild spaces is so essential to being human. Reconnecting us to our primal roots resets us for new days, perspectives, and experiences. If you live in a city, find a park or patch of trees. Somewhere that you can put your bare feet on the ground or grass. Connecting your bare feet with the Earth for 3-5 minutes grounds your body (and all the EMF’s that you pick up over the course of your days – cellphones, radio waves, pc’s, etc.)






7. Take time to get to know your body, listen to its wisdom (you can even take some classes from a hakomi therapist or feldenkrais practitioner) Your body is so wise. It knows you better than anyone else does. Take the time to listen to it in greater and greater degrees. You will be glad you did. You will begin to find out what foods really make you thrive and which don’t. What people and places nourish you and which don’t. As you begin to listen to your body and then live more according to its truth, watch how you begin to feel more vibrant. Here is a video about listening to your body by Judith Orloff.

8. Take time for Meditation to connect with your own inner divinity and the Divine. There are so many different types of meditation/devotion/worship out there. Find one that brings you into your body so you don’t go off into never never land. Then you can find your divinity here in your body. My best experiences have come from doing the Adorata Meditation and The Descent and Enlovement Process (copyrighted and created by Tiziana Della Rovere). Here is a meditation led by Sandra Glickman from Waking Down and one by Robert Masters from the Masters Center for Transformation.

9. Hugs and Intimacy – When I was getting trained as a Watsu therapist I learned the value of  being witnessed, holding another, and being held. There are many ways this can be done for  us and that we can do this for others. The main point is to ask for it and offer it. Hugging til  relaxed was a great easy technique I learned from Dr. David Schnarch and his great work – The  Crucible and The Passionate Marriage.

10. Chi Machine/Massage – I learned long ago the need of deep relaxation in my body to  experience wellness. Go get a massage. Or buy a little massager. Or a chi machine. All do all  three. Its not that expensive and it feels oh so good.

Let me know how easy these are for you and what your experiences are.

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Health and Food:

Mio-munchie: A cool device used for preventive Teeth and Gum care for children and adults, kinda looks like a football mouth guard http://www.teethperfect.com/

Uncle Henry’s MouthWash – This is my favorite all natural teeth strengthening mouthwash:


Viajet: A water based dental cleansing machine elimating unhealthy bacteria in the gums and strengthing the inner mouth. https://www.oratec.net/category.asp?catid=1

Sante Water: Good Water and EMF reduction 

Aquarius Water:

Male Foreskin Restoration: For men who have been circumsized, there is a way to regrow your foreskin for deeper sexual pleasure and healing see:

Integrative Care: A Pathway to a Healthier Nation

In Late Feb. 2009 there was a week long dialogue on Health Care in the US Senate. There were panels created to discuss new ways for the Health Care System to operate. During one of these panels four prominent integrative health care practitioners (see below for list) were invited to speak and share their experience and ideas of how to reform, or rather transform Integrative Health Care in the US!

  1. Dr. Mehmet C. Oz, Director, Cardiovascular Institute and Complementary Medicine Program, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, New York, NY
  2. Dr. Mark Hyman, Founder and Medical Director, The UltraWellness Center, Lenox, MA
  3. Dr. Dean Ornish, Founder and President, Preventive Medicine Research Institute, Sausalito, CA
  4. Dr. Andy Weil, Director, Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona, Vail, AZTo see the Feb 26th Hearings


(for the quick access to begin hearing Dr. Oz go to the 27 min mark, the others follow)

A Miracle Mineral Supplement that cures cancer, malaria, aids, and other diseases?

This last week I came upon a video and website that got my attention, a miracle mineral supplement that is curing malaria, aids, cancer, arthritis, and many more bacteria, virus, and pathogen based diseases. Sounds too far fetched? Check it out:

Here is access to the book download on MMS:


Websites about the applications to various diseases and questions about MMS:





A new way to truly move and workout your body using gravity, yoga, and The Yoga Swing!

You can buy them at:


Reversing Diabetes Naturally!

Superfoods and how they improve your health:


You can access these superfoods here and at your local health food store:


I just found these really tasty bars at our local Co-op, they are so tasty and healthy!:



Brazil food for free and the end of hunger?


The Disappearing Male?


Consciousness and Change:

Have you gone for a walk in the woods lately?

Or have you sat by yourself and just sat there with yourself?

Or have you sat with someone you love, and just cherished them, and told them while you

were doing so?

Bill Moyers with Parker Palmer on PBS:


A Call to Evolutionary Leadership:


The Adorata Path of Enlovement:

Sacred Union, Embodying Love, and The Divine Feminine

You can view the video at:


The home website it at:


Waking Down in Mutuality, a new kind of awakening:


Drunvalo Melchizedek Welcomes The Return of the Ancestors

Drunvalo Melchizedek – The real Mayans about the Mayans

Videos by Caroline Myss on Change, Activism, Healing, and Power:

1.    The Medical Renaissance by Caroline Myss

2.    Sacred Activism and the Feminine by Caroline Myss

3.    Why people don’t heal by Caroline Myss

4.     The Use of Power by Caroline Myss

Are you feeling the different parts of yourself?



Environment and  Sustainability:


In the March 2009 issue of YES Magazine they featured Van Jones founder of Green For All who is now in the White House DEQ!  http://www.yesmagazine.org/article.asp?ID=3368 – and http://www.yesmagazine.org/article.asp?ID=3300

Have you heard of Cradle to Cradle Design?

Can you grow something in the desert? Well, Geoff Lawton can!

How the home garden patch becomes the new food source and economy:


The White House garden is on its way… YAY!!!!


Move over air purifiers, mother nature does it better!

(three household plants that can create clean air in your home!)

Alex Steffen: Inspired ideas for a sustainable future


The Crash Course on the Economy:

go here for all the chapters:


A editorial about it:



Robin Chase: Getting cars off the road

and data into the skies

Larry Burns: Reinventing the car

The Human Car:


Simple products that inspire me:

Compostable Trash Bags:



Just think how less landfill waste would be if a law was made for all trash bags to this kind. My vision is that all trash is reused and the landfill trash will become a new trend to using the old trash as fuel and new resources. I am looking for nanotechnology that can break down matter to the molecular level and then can rebuild it into new chains which can then be reconstituted into new products. Let me know if you know of this existing!


Is technology creating a sixth sense?

Arts,  Music, and Entertainment:

The Music Genome Project makes a radio station?

A new kind of radio station that plays only music you like!


Transcendence Theatre develops new form of Theatre and Personal Growth:


The Stuart Davis Show (#6)

Saul Williams: Coded Language and

Have you seen someone Juggle to the Beatles?

Flying Fun:


Local Seeds:

Ashland –

Here is a great list to start with:


Transition Towns:



Ashland Resource Center:


Ashland Care and Truck Share:


Regeneration Project:


EQ TV – EQ Connects: The Green Social Network:


Solari Circles:


Neighborhood Garden Project:


Jackson County Sustainability Network:


Heart Circles:


Sustainable Living in Ashland:


Random Acts Ashland: http://loveashland.org/
(Lists available for your town… send me your links!)

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