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A few links to resources for true intimacy and lovemaking in the real world. No Porn!

Have you ever tried to find information and resouces on what it feels and looks like to be having deeply fulfilling, highly sensual, wholly loving sex?
Well I have. And I found some good stuff, I’d like to share with you.

1. First off we have what Oprah’s Magazine said was: “It’s beautiful—the antithesis of shapeless, boring porn in which everyone is just going through the motions.”

Tony Comstock’s documentary films (warning you must be 18 years old to enter this site):


2. Next we have a website based from Marnia Robinson’s book: Peace Between the Sheets, which is now called Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow. If you haven’t read her book and through her wonderful exercises. Do!


PS She lives in my town of Ashland!

3. Then we have Jack Johnston’s Male Multiple Orgasm. A great audio program to learn to relax into many orgasms for Men and Women, and generally to just enjoy your body all the more with or without a partner.


PS He also lives in Ashland, the last I heard!

4. Youtube videos on male multiple orgasms!

5. The Lovers Guide, started out in UK back in the 90’s… covers a lot of topics.


6. The New School of Erotic Touch started by Joseph Kramer ( see Fire in the Valley Video and others)


Let me know how these are for you and I can add some more if you ask!


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