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Broken Light

I lied.

I cheated.

I borrowed.

I stole.

I was perverse

in thought and action.

I fucked.


I ran naked through

the woods


Jehovah’s name.


I lost myself in

so many thoughts,

people, and delusions

of grandeur.


And now I’m here.


I have no dreams left.

I have cracked open

to my brokenness,

living in my core.

That place that is unredeemable


in the living it as such.


In being what I am

freshness cleanses

the wound

so that its revealed to be

my destiny,

giving birth

to this broken light.


I stumble down

these halls

banging against

my self-inflicted walls

pretending I’m great

or straight or narrow

when I’m not.


I’m nothing of the sort.

I’m wicked game.

A fuselage

ready to explode

rocketing into orbit

around the sun.

and it takes just one moment to

bring me there,


That place between

you and I

that hurts,

that groans,

that’s murky

and disgusting.


none of it is far from here,

if you but scratch the surface

of this moment.

That is my gift.


Eric Grace ©


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The Big A

I am utterly alone.

what once used

to scare me

like a proposed

straight jacket

became something

I craved for

like a great friend

or perfect lover.

Now it’s simply the state of affairs

in my country

of Being.

Yes, people come and go

in this world of A,

just like tourists,

true locals, and indigenous of any place,

but I feel

this profound inclination

that no one can

fill the place

where Being sits

at my table now.

no one ever could,

although I tried to seat them there

the seats just kept busting

and the table grew.

Now I wonder

who really likes

the food that is served


I’m not in control of it anymore,

I used to think

I was the chef.

You can’t tell me

that there is more

to life than this,

something like those

cracker stale promises

of true partnership

or even God

giving It’s most

delicious dish,

No… I know now

in the aftermath

of countless deaths

that Aloneness is

the only true friend to keep.

that I can keep.

And so I go into the night

heeding the call

of the Emptiness

that lives in the unique forms that

occupy my mind’s eye

and my hearts open or closed hand.

I’m saying Grace

with the Big A.

Eric Grace


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Having come and gone to now

The whirlwinds have settled

the names have changed

the years have come

and become,

I am no longer to blame.

Death and grief,

rise and falls,

family losses

and falling aparts.

Divorces and marriages,

bankruptcies and courts,

Cults and children born

out of and into my heart

I am no longer remote.

Grace carries me

through thick and thin

while I am finding

my spirit and soul

coming together

as this fleshy within.

Out of the ashes

of a life torn apart

Springs form

a unique orchid blend blossom

giving fragrance

offered to the my loving Sun.

And everyone is welcome

who wishes for a sweet smell

and a beautiful vision

to ponder

that brings them back to square one.

Now, I am Singing a little song

like the mellow creek

that whispered its way along

beside the willow tree

down that street

that I once knew as home.

By Eric Grace on 4-16-2011 ©

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a poem by Eric Grace ©


No longer willing

to lay the gauntlet bare

I stand naked

at experience’s front doorstep.

In its hand

I quake

at the certainty it has

for my life,

the gentle urgency

that I have no choice


but to live

the life I was given

from this moment

to the next.

A garden of fresh fruit

is awakened in my chest

and my gathering basket

is carried

between my legs.

I gather

the ripe edibles

and then prepare for the feast

with friends and family

yet to come together

at my request.

It will be a good dinner.

A good life.

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fresh tears

are welcomed by me

as they quench

my thirsty heart

it sheds

layers of skin

and I breathe

more freely

in this world.

My head acts

as a metal box

at times,

craving to be released

from its confines

and ushered into

the wisdom

of my body.

And somedays

its steely walls


words and voices

that make my ears



sometimes touch

my brow

reminding me

that the angels,

my brethren,

are not that far

off from here.

And that they

await my requests

as friends, helpers,

and guides.


seems to await me

every time

I pick-up the conversation

after having left it

due to some apparent

memory loss

of Its existence,

to which It

lovingly and warmly


and I am grateful.

Simple defines

my moments,

with some fear

of moneys’ chains

around my ankles.

Solitude is my friend now.

And I happily hold

my son


in and with my heart.

Being in love

comes and goes

just like the Spring

but it always is a season

with its rightful place

in each year

in my life,

and each day.

What I can give you now

is my life,

in its barren


and the grace

that quickly

walks through it

as myself.

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by Eric Grace

What is it to be a man?

Is it the lean and firm

muscles he develops

from true work?

Is it the strength

he uses to carry

the burdens of others

on his back?

Is a man he who

listens deeply

to the heart of another,

especially his partner,

giving solace and care

in abundance?

Is a man

he who gives

his attention generously

until its time

to say no,

where the no

is given as a gift

rather than as a closed door.

Is a man

he who

lives In the Earth


Her wishes

and protecting them wildly

fondly cherishing

each creature

as if it were

his own child?

Is what makes a man

the way he calls out to God

yearning to know IT

in all Her Glory?

Does a real man

know what the

word surrender


in his bones?

And how to act

with courage

and swiftness when prompted to

from his guts?

Does a man that is true

know how to howl

at the moon,

with his pain, joy, and passion

embracing each as equals?

Would a real man

kiss his beloved’s

tender places

with the presence

of the gods

and the sweetness

of a honeysuckle?

Can a real man grok

the challenges

that his children face

ahead of them

and not get cynical

or despairing,

and then humbly

take steps

each day

to make it easier

for them to tread

their soul’s purpose in grace?

I wonder

if you will have the chance

to see

or become

a real man

in your lifetime.

Or have you already?

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Animals die

for our food

people lie

for their dreams

to not come true.

We live in hate

for ourselves,


or that which

we most fear

we will surely


if we do not

fight against it.

True resolve

does not come

easily in a world

without borders

but lived as though

there are such things.

I do not tarry


any longer

having seen

the sins

of man.

I have found them

so fondly

on my front doorstep.

I could care less

If you can see them now,

Branded across

my face

as I owe

them nothing…

just as they shackle


to the ground.

I wander aimlessly

into the dark night


by the dim stars

and their distant light.

All this comes to pass

and still,

we welcome each other

into our hearts

only to know

the end is near.

Eric Grace


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