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Tonight’s Lover

a poem by Eric Grace ©


This blank page

looks at me

with more of an


than a stare

of condemnation.

It calls me out

to get to know it

through how I

caress its skin

with my pen,

how I color over

its straight lines,

scribing over

its curves and surface

with my expression.

It is open to me

It wants me

to use its absolute


as a mistress

to make love with form

from the creative void

that is God within me

waiting to get out

into something delightful.


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fresh tears

are welcomed by me

as they quench

my thirsty heart

it sheds

layers of skin

and I breathe

more freely

in this world.

My head acts

as a metal box

at times,

craving to be released

from its confines

and ushered into

the wisdom

of my body.

And somedays

its steely walls


words and voices

that make my ears



sometimes touch

my brow

reminding me

that the angels,

my brethren,

are not that far

off from here.

And that they

await my requests

as friends, helpers,

and guides.


seems to await me

every time

I pick-up the conversation

after having left it

due to some apparent

memory loss

of Its existence,

to which It

lovingly and warmly


and I am grateful.

Simple defines

my moments,

with some fear

of moneys’ chains

around my ankles.

Solitude is my friend now.

And I happily hold

my son


in and with my heart.

Being in love

comes and goes

just like the Spring

but it always is a season

with its rightful place

in each year

in my life,

and each day.

What I can give you now

is my life,

in its barren


and the grace

that quickly

walks through it

as myself.

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by Eric Grace

What is it to be a man?

Is it the lean and firm

muscles he develops

from true work?

Is it the strength

he uses to carry

the burdens of others

on his back?

Is a man he who

listens deeply

to the heart of another,

especially his partner,

giving solace and care

in abundance?

Is a man

he who gives

his attention generously

until its time

to say no,

where the no

is given as a gift

rather than as a closed door.

Is a man

he who

lives In the Earth


Her wishes

and protecting them wildly

fondly cherishing

each creature

as if it were

his own child?

Is what makes a man

the way he calls out to God

yearning to know IT

in all Her Glory?

Does a real man

know what the

word surrender


in his bones?

And how to act

with courage

and swiftness when prompted to

from his guts?

Does a man that is true

know how to howl

at the moon,

with his pain, joy, and passion

embracing each as equals?

Would a real man

kiss his beloved’s

tender places

with the presence

of the gods

and the sweetness

of a honeysuckle?

Can a real man grok

the challenges

that his children face

ahead of them

and not get cynical

or despairing,

and then humbly

take steps

each day

to make it easier

for them to tread

their soul’s purpose in grace?

I wonder

if you will have the chance

to see

or become

a real man

in your lifetime.

Or have you already?

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This goodbye.

She gives me the love

of the mother,

the lover,

and the Beloved

all in one.

Something no one has ever


I want her to shine

in all of her glory

til the end of her

magnificent story.

I hear her spirit

asking me to let her go

so she can enter

her next opportune window.

The child in me cries,

not wanting to say

anymore goodbye’s.

The man in me feels

it all, that which dies.

The inner teen yells at God,

he’s crossed

fuming about

all that’s been lost.

There’s a peace

that slithers

its way up

through all that’s going on


me and you.

I’m greatful

I’ve known you

and I will continue 2

for what I’ve realized

in out hearts’ sanctuary.

I don’t fully understand

why this must go.

I only know or hope,

that in time

that too will grow.

I suffer the loss

of unfulfilled dreams,

many on Life’s colorful stages

that had you and I’s

names etched

on its pages.

I give my heartache

and my belly’s moan

and the tears of todays

and tomorrow’s full moon,

to that sacred place

between you and I.

that place that still

lives in the eternal

song of Gods’ will.

Eric Grace

August 19, 2010

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Create Something

of  Yourself.



your too easy

of willingness

to give in

to give up

Find the motor


that will drive you


on a cold, dark

winter night.

Use that vision

of home in

all of its decor

to fuel you

to the next

moment of action.

You can do it.

Will it.


when its not easy.

Do it.


Eric Grace

August 2010

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Living in this world

and unfolding in new ways

brings the current

up against my face

when I see

what I’ve  come to distaste

in the wrinkled skin face

of another

judging me from within

I cannot declare

what I have found

to be everywhere

but in this little speck

of my world

I see it black and white

Your decision to cast

a vote

that lies

and lingers past

the ugly places

of our unfamiliarity

What comes about

when I speak the

vulnerable route

is that love

seems indifferent

or incoherent

to but a select few

Love does not care for

your petty thoughts

nor does it seek

to take us on


away from the heart

but yearns to bring us home

to ourselves

amidst a world

that has no idea

what that is.

Eric Grace

June 14th 2010

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The Delicate Dance of Perfection

Jellyfish presence

spirit hands putting up

safe wallpaper


only the goodwill in

while swaying

in a sea of God

Sea anemone swirl

vulnerable twirl

beginning of a new sexual day

heart flow valve on

letting the sun currents

and vibrations

give themselves

into and through me

such yummy vibrations


from this Heart fire

Surprising Sacred delights

Luminous golden angelic presence


the sacred O


giving voice to the Angel world

into now

Channeling it into

this realm,

I give it space to be.

My body becomes

the vehicle

of the expression

of wonder

and the sacred stuff

we are all made of.

so much is here

not to be taken

for granted.

So much palpable

presence of God

that’s leaking into

my experience

and perhaps

all of ours

Now is the time

to give Grace

its rightful place

in our lives.

The purple sun


my creator

the mother

and the father

as one

It gives me It’s blessing

and undulates

waves of Grace.

It is a good beginning

for this day.

Eric Grace


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