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The Land of Yum

(©by Eric Grace 1-26-2012)


If and when the spirit comes to you

And you’ll find this comes to pass,

Where you gaze upon the moon above

Or upon a most beautiful lass,

Give yourself the subtle pleasure

To infinitely pursue

The gift that lies within this mortal flesh

Thy sacred Hand, Thy sacred Muse.


That golden basket that opens up

To share its gifts of Bounty,

That there within lies a precious form

Birthed from struggles,

Newly found and freely shared

into a land of plenty.


If you but find the way to walk

into this quiet pasture,

It will lead you by the hand

Into the heartland of your one and only

tried and true Heart Master.


Then forgive yourself of all you’ve lost

And gain yourself a new composure

That gives the rain its style and spin

While leaves the ground all

the wiser.


So whistle a sweet tarry or tune

And wiggle that silly temple

Find yourself refreshed and renewed amongst good friends

And your toil will last no longer.


Grieve the sacred heart

Your tears

And the mists of fog will rise above

Giving Heaven all the fears

which have grown from secrets

Stolen from the mud.


When you’ve cried your last wail

And the circles become complete

Dance a celebration song

And set sail to the new world

a living loving tenderness,

numerous in fleet.


And as you walk upon the shore

Tender warm sand at your feet

Touch the sacred earth, this land

Give a simple song or chant

Listen to your heart beat.


Praise the Golden Hand.

Thus Grace has given to you this Day

And all those still yet to come

You will live into this my love,

Onward! Into the Land of Yum.


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Broken Light

I lied.

I cheated.

I borrowed.

I stole.

I was perverse

in thought and action.

I fucked.


I ran naked through

the woods


Jehovah’s name.


I lost myself in

so many thoughts,

people, and delusions

of grandeur.


And now I’m here.


I have no dreams left.

I have cracked open

to my brokenness,

living in my core.

That place that is unredeemable


in the living it as such.


In being what I am

freshness cleanses

the wound

so that its revealed to be

my destiny,

giving birth

to this broken light.


I stumble down

these halls

banging against

my self-inflicted walls

pretending I’m great

or straight or narrow

when I’m not.


I’m nothing of the sort.

I’m wicked game.

A fuselage

ready to explode

rocketing into orbit

around the sun.

and it takes just one moment to

bring me there,


That place between

you and I

that hurts,

that groans,

that’s murky

and disgusting.


none of it is far from here,

if you but scratch the surface

of this moment.

That is my gift.


Eric Grace ©

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Shame and security

This fragile,

delicate life

is nowhere in sight

to the arm wrestlers’

twist of fate,

coupled with

the delinquents

noose of praise.


I raise my hand

in front of the class

waiting to be called on

for goodness sake…

to have an answer

when so many

elude me

is a relief,

if not a blessed thing.


Cramped in my womb

tossed about

by shame

I wish for shallow waters

but I find

that I can’t swim

so easily there.


Fragrant meadows

dodge me

as I wander about

in hopes

for security

to take hold of my hand

and lead me to a home

that I will never have to leave.


Eric Grace



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Having come and gone to now

The whirlwinds have settled

the names have changed

the years have come

and become,

I am no longer to blame.

Death and grief,

rise and falls,

family losses

and falling aparts.

Divorces and marriages,

bankruptcies and courts,

Cults and children born

out of and into my heart

I am no longer remote.

Grace carries me

through thick and thin

while I am finding

my spirit and soul

coming together

as this fleshy within.

Out of the ashes

of a life torn apart

Springs form

a unique orchid blend blossom

giving fragrance

offered to the my loving Sun.

And everyone is welcome

who wishes for a sweet smell

and a beautiful vision

to ponder

that brings them back to square one.

Now, I am Singing a little song

like the mellow creek

that whispered its way along

beside the willow tree

down that street

that I once knew as home.

By Eric Grace on 4-16-2011 ©

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Animals die

for our food

people lie

for their dreams

to not come true.

We live in hate

for ourselves,


or that which

we most fear

we will surely


if we do not

fight against it.

True resolve

does not come

easily in a world

without borders

but lived as though

there are such things.

I do not tarry


any longer

having seen

the sins

of man.

I have found them

so fondly

on my front doorstep.

I could care less

If you can see them now,

Branded across

my face

as I owe

them nothing…

just as they shackle


to the ground.

I wander aimlessly

into the dark night


by the dim stars

and their distant light.

All this comes to pass

and still,

we welcome each other

into our hearts

only to know

the end is near.

Eric Grace


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A fools remorse into love

Let me love

the pain away

like swaddled blankets

give comfort

to the naked child

of our pasts

Let me love

the pain away

so as the secrets

come to light,

the restlessness

in keeping them,

gives way

to peaceful serenity.

Let me love

the pain away

not to take away

something from you

because you can’t handle it

but because

you deserve to know

that I love you

(as you are in it)

Let me love

the pain away

that I caused you

from my brash

words and actions

insensitive to your worth

in those moments

to be seen and felt

in your

sacred need.

Let me love

the pain away

so that freshness

that comes

after deep tears

can be looked through

like a clean windshield

after a gentle rain

with new vistas

being traveled towards


Let me love

the pain away

so that you speak

with more certainty

that I hold you

in my heart

trusting that you

are my beloved

the one I hold

most dear,


as the light

that caresses

every thing

in its path

during that special

hour of sundown.

Let me love

the pain away

so that

Christmas comes

in your heart again

happily receiving the presents

that we get each day

in loving

and living together.

Eric Grace


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